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VIDEO PREMIERE – When Our Time Comes – ’50 Years From Now’

April 1, 2016 Published by Leave your thoughts

North London’s melodic rock meets tech five-piece When Our Time Comes have a new video and they are letting us premiere it!

Having recently signed to Lifeforce Records and their self titled debut coming out April 15 in Europe and May 6 in North America, 2016 is set to be a huge year for the band and we are crazy excited to be welcoming them to Hevy Fest 2016.

We caught up with vocalist Joe Carter-Hawkins to see what he had to say about the video and more!

‘50 Years From Now’ is certainly a favourite of ours. It’s one of the most recent tracks on the record which seems to embody all of our musical tastes. It has the bounce, the drive and the poppy chorus hook that was particularly enjoyable to write. Lyrically, it’s up there with the most poignant of our messages. As a band, we’re all very positive people and we try to reflect that when we write. The song is about someone finally taking the initiative to move on from the negativity and monotony in their life and to change it for the better. We’re all about our positive vibes!

This is typically the theme of our debut album. We were all in very good places when writing it. There was a lot of excitement at the prospect of voicing how we felt through a medium we all love so dearly and having so much scope to do so! It was a huge combined effort from not only us but the people that supported us throughout it and continue to do so. We all thrive in a studio environment which makes putting a full-length record together an extremely enjoyable and enlightening process. We went in with the ground work done but came out with a product that massively exceeded our expectations. Working with Justin Hill on the album was a no brainer. He’s been with us literally from the start and is very much the SikTh member of the band… sorry. As a vocalist, he was able to push me beyond what I convinced myself my boundaries were. We haven’t stopped working together since!

As individuals and as a band, we have an extremely eclectic tastes in music and we wanted this to come across on the album. Alongside the various arms of metal, there’s hints of blues, classic rock, pop, jazz, funk, you name it! Previous to forming the band, we were all active session musicians in various genres so I think the mash up of influence came naturally. We’d like to think there’s something on our debut album for everybody!

I think as a closing statement, if listeners can take any form of positivity from this record, we’ve done it justice. We’ll be going out on a UK headline run mid-June to promote it on home turf and we’re very excited to play what will be the entire album for everyone. We’ll keep everyone posted with dates on our socials!

We’re extremely stoked to be playing this year’s Hevy Fest! The line up just keeps getting better and better and it’s an absolute privilege to be a part of it. For me, I can’t wait to see the Shikari lads again. They were the first hyped band in the alternative scene I went to see and I’ve been a fan ever since. Aside to them, we’re all pumped to catch The Bronx, Sleeps, SikTh, Arcane Roots and to support our boys in Good Tiger, No Consequence and Forever Never. It’s going to be a fun filled weekend!


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